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"The Early History of the Protest Song"

Read what The Daily Targum had to say about our April 18th "The Early History of the Protest Song: Libels, Ballads and Politics in Seventeenth-Century England" event.  

Read the Rutgers Today article and see the video.  


Riot, Revolt, Revolution - 7th Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Brighton

The University of Brighton Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics, and Ethics is hosting its 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, "Riot, Revolt, Revolution", from 5-7 September 2012.

It is very rare for societies or institutions to change unless they are confronted by specific forms of resistance. This conference investigates those moments of historical change when existing orders are put into question. In particular, it seeks to challenge us to rethink ways in which we might understand resistance and asks us to read the past in order to inform the present through a focus on riot, revolt and revolution, and on the interplay between them. Papers which address these themes from any discipline are welcome. 

Click here for further details and the call for papers, deadline for submission 6 January 2012.

British studies, the latest import from the US?

British studies is a growing field in the US, bringing together many different disciplines. Should UK universities have it too?

For the last few weeks, Philippa Levine has been an academic under siege. American journalists keep ringing up wanting her to say insightful things about the royal wedding. "But what do I know about William and Kate?" she asks exasperatedly. "It is really not what most of us study."

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