Graduate Courses

This page is devoted to listing graduate courses offered at the University in the field of British Studies broadly understood. (Please let us know if there is a course we should add, or that has been included in error).

Fall 2018

Course Number  Department Course Title Course Subtitle 
16:510:532:01 History Colloquium in Atlantic and African Diaspora  
16:510:532:01 History Colloquium in Women and Gender History  
16:510:541:01 History Colloquium in Global History  
16:510:560:01 History Readings in Women's & Gender History  
16:510:561:01 History Readings in Early Modern European History  
16:510:601:01 History Colloquium in European History  
16:510:616:01 History Sem: European History  
16:350:510:01 English Theory- Gender & Sexuality Queer Theory: Literary Critics & others
16:350:530:01 English Chaucer  
16:350:550:01 English 18th Century Literature & Culture The Discourse of Letters in the Long 18th Century
16:350:553:01 English Readings in British & American Literature  
16:350:618:01 English Sem: Topics in Shakespeare Art, Knowledge, & Action in Shakespeare
16:350:642:01 English Sem: Topics in 19th C. Literature & Culture Romanticism and the Ethical Imagination
16:790:501:01/02 Political Science Theory and Method in the Study of Global Affairs  
16:790:512:01 Political Science Politics of Globalization in Theory and Practice  
16:790:530:01 Political Science International Criminal Law & Anti-Corruption