Undergraduate Courses

This page is devoted to listing undergraduate courses offered at the University in the field of British Studies broadly understood. (Please let us know if there is a course we should add, or that has been included in error).

Fall Undergrad - ORIGINAL

Course Number 

Department Course Title Course Subtitle
01:510:102:01 History Europe in the Global Age  
01:510:209:01/03 History Emergence Medieval Europe  
01:510:224:01 History Europe: Gender, Sex, and Society  
01:510:319:01 History Age of Reformation  
01:510:327:01 History 20th Century Europe  
01:510:327:01 History World War II in Europe  
01:510:343:01 History Politics and Culture in England 1588-1720  
01:508:230:01 History The Making of Modern India and Pakistan  
01:508:250:-1 History Southeast Asia and the World  
01:508:272:01 History History of Caribbean Since 1898  
01:508:321:01 History African Cultural History  
01:508:224:01 History Women and Gender in Africa  
01:790:310:01 Political Science UK Politics British Politics
01:790:311:01 Political Science European Politics  
01:790:362:01 Political Science International Law  
01:790:371:01 Political Science Western Tradition  
01:790:379:01 Political Science Concepts of Liberty and Equality  
01:790:389:02 Political Science Topics in Comparative Politics Construction of Contemporary Europe
01:358:230:01 English Major Topics and Authors in British Literature  
01:358:246:01 Engilsh Introduction to the Gothic  
01:358:306:01 English Chaucer  
01:358:309:01/02 English Issues & problems in Medieval Lit and Culture  
01:358:314:01 English Shakespeare: The Early Plays  
01:358:326:01 English 18th Century Novel  
01:358:328:01 English Issues & Problems in 18th Century Lit and Culture  
01:358:332:01 English Victorian Literature  
01:358:335:01 English 19th Century Theater and Drama  
01:358:338:01 English Issues & Problems in 19th Century Lit and Culture