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Jordanna Bailkin (Washington) "Unsettled: Refugee Camps in Britain"

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 04:30am - 

"Unsettled: Refugee Camps in Britain" examines the creation of reception and resettlement camps for Poles and Hungarians in the 1950s, Ugandan Asians in the 1970s, and Vietnamese refugees in the 1980s. Taken together, these camps illuminate the instability of welfarism, its creaky imperial inheritances, and its unpredictable relationship to global transformations.  These shifts are tracked through the Cold War, the last gasp of formal imperialism, and a new internationalism both embraced and constrained by Thatcherism. This paper focuses on the Ugandan Asian crisis of 1972-73, and the sixteen camps in Britain that were established for Ugandan Asian resettlement. Looking at the material culture of these camps, the camps are considered as a site of identity formation that has been left out of migration history.

Jordanna Bailkin - University of Washington


Rutgers British Studies Center with The Department of History's European Lecture Series
Location : Plangere Writing Ctr Annex, 302 Murray Hall